Smart Electronics~ Infrared Detection, 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Module Board Trace Module
Category: LED Module   Publish Time: 2018-12-11 15:03 
Smart Electronics~ Infrared Detection, 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Module Board Trace Module



 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Module Board Trace Module Infrared Detection

BFD-1000 is a high cost the NewWay cordial electronics for the majority want the

production tracking robot friends, versatile tracking module, this module has been

sufficient to meet the day-to-day task of tracking, but also with the infrared distance

sensor touch detection sensor, the robot makes your design more able to adapt to

the situation. 
BFD-1000 specifically designed to be used as a black (white) line retrieval,

particularly suited to the complexity of black and white line, cross black and

white line detection, it is a 6 channel high sensitivity infrared sensor

(5 channel line patrol a road unblinded) accurate identification of the black-and-white line.
Detection distance: 0 - 4cm(black and white line sensors),

0 - 5cm(adjustable distance detection) 
Input voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 
Output form: digital output (high and low level)
BFD - 1000 integrated 5 channel high sensitivity tracking sensor for environmental impact,

able to accurately track complex black line (white line) for a simple black line line tracking

more at ease. 
BFD - 1000 integrated infrared sensor barrier unblinded and distance can be

adjusted by sliding rheostat. 
BFD - 1000 has a special touch sensor design, making robot's design is more simple. 
BFD - 1000 output signals are all digital signal (high and low level), easily

connected with the microcontroller. 
BFD - 1000 sensor output state has LED lights as an indicator for easy debugging. 
BFD - 1000 supports a voltage of 3.0-5.5v, meet most system's requirements. 
Using the high sensitivity of the sensor, the tracking can be in the range of

0.5mm-40mm between arbitrarily changed without to make any adjustments.